Multi-platform for Immersive Entertainment

Blue Studios Entertainment is developing the Bella the Blue Bot franchise in unique ways to engage and create an audience for the character.

Through a combination of animated storytelling, interactive games, augmented reality experiences, and virtual character interactions, fans can immerse themselves in Bella's world and connect with her on various platforms.

Bella's Twitter and YouTube pages further deepen her storyline, allowing fans to follow her adventures as she explores Earth and learns about humanity's complexities.

Uncover the Secrets of Blueniverse Society

Due to the Blueniverse society's fear of humans, space exploration is forbidden.

Bella, a precocious young blue bot, desires to fly in order to explore the stars. She creates the propulsion engine in order to learn to fly. She is resisted by the Blueniverse forces, and is invited to a secret academy for young robots with special abilities. She meets Mello and Rose, new friends from other robot worlds.

Through the growing Apollo Resistance movement across robot planets in the galaxy, Bella and her friends uncover the truth about the Blueniverse society.

Harmonious Melodies and Cosmic Journeys

The Adventures of Bella the Blue Bot is a musical, coming-of-age, fantasy, science-fiction series.

The juxtaposition of the serene and orderly society of the Blueniverse and the darkness and turmoil of intergalactic voyaging provides the audience with an enthralling experience.

Bella the Blue Bot:
A Multi-Dimensional Franchise Experience

Bella the Blue Bot:
A Multi-Dimensional Franchise Experience

Explore the Galaxy with Bella

Bella cruise

As captain of your own space cruiser, you and Bella battle enemies and obstacles.

Bella Run

Join Bella on an endless runner adventure with challenging jumps, obstacles, and tons of surprises along the way.

Code Bella

Code with Bella! This game has 32 levels to teach logic, loops and problem-solving. Code Bella is used by students and families across the globe as an accessible pathway to computer science education.